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“I Love How Relevant and Needed of a Program It Is”

MSIS Student Shares Why She Chose USF

Holly Landrum ’24 says the information systems program at USF equipped her with skills directly applicable to the workplace.

Holly Landrum

Why did you choose the MS in Information Systems (MSIS) program?

First, having a program that was in-person was extremely important to me. I learn better in a more collaborative and engaging environment. Second, being in the information technology field, it was important for me to be at a school that was near tech hubs and had connections to the industry. The CIO of major technology company was even a professor.

What do you like most about the MSIS program?

I love how relevant and needed of a program it is. I've never used my undergraduate or worked in that field of study. It was really important to me to pick a graduate program that would be relevant to the current job market, the future of the industry, and would give me the skills I needed.

Which classes have you liked most thus far? What did you like about them?

My favorite classes were the ones that were practical and applicable directly to the workplace. The ones that really highlighted how it will be in the tech industry and gave us practical tools were my favorite. I felt like they made me a more critical thinker, a better employee, and a more marketable candidate if I were to look for other jobs.

Any words of advice for future MSIS students?

I am employed as a Business Analyst for a local company and was fortunate to have them support me by paying for my tuition to earn this degree. My biggest advice is to stay curious, say yes to as much as possible, and never stop learning new things.