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Our Programs

We inspire our students to cultivate their skills, lead with integrity, and serve others to promote a more just and sustainable economy.

Become a purposeful leader

Student in cap and gown on Lone Mountain

McLaren Undergraduate School of Management

Experience the city's working culture firsthand with internships and career opportunities.

Masagung Graduate School of Management

Get unparalleled access to the innovation and entrepreneurship in the SF Bay Area.

Executive Education Certificates

Hands-on leadership strategies for evolving marketplaces.

Learn by Doing

We provide experiential learning opportunities that contribute to a rigorous curriculum and prepare students for today's dynamic marketplace. Students participate in numerous national competitions, including the Russ Berrie Institute National Sales Competition, the Annual National Intercollegiate Business Ethics Competition, and the Venture Capital Investment Competition®.

Worker with a shovel inside a vat, shoveling grapes

Hope Pinelli '17

Hybrid Winemaker at Heitz Cellar

Real-World Experience

By the time I graduated I knew what I wanted to do with my career because I had already worked in my declared profession. No one can teach you what having a full time job is like, you have to be in it to understand. Being able to do that at 'no risk' before you graduate and sign a contract is invaluable."

Hope Pinelli '17

Hybrid Winemaker at Heitz Cellar

Cura Personalis

The Jesuit hallmark of cura personalis, or care for the whole person, describes the respect we have for each person’s intellectual, physical, and spiritual health and autonomy.  From public-service internships to volunteer outreach programs, all of our students actively participate in bettering the community.

Student poses and smiles

Courtney Cooper '21

Science Associate at UCSF, Reproductive Health and the Environment

Work Towards a More Just World

I was excited about the idea of getting to the root causes of health issues and having the opportunity to enact change at a population level. Public health has represented an opportunity for me to use my skills and interests to improve health equity and work towards a more just world."

Courtney Cooper '21

Science Associate at UCSF, Reproductive Health and the Environment

Improve Your Global Perspective

We attracts students from around the globe eager to learn the academic fundamentals of contemporary entrepreneurship and innovation. Our 40,000 alumni represent 117 industries in 50 states, 9 US territories, and 97 countries around the world as we continue to expand our global reach.

Student poses in office park

Mustafa Cak '18

Business Development/GOKBORA

A True Person of the World

USF further improved my global perspective and made me a true world's person which makes you fit for higher executive positions in the future. That makes your work environment treat you differently and gives you different opportunities."

Mustafa Cak '18

Business Development/GOKBORA

The Value of Accreditation

We are proud to be AACSB and NASPAA accredited, ensuring the highest standard of education across all programs. The USF Financial Analysis degree program qualifies USF as a CFA Institute Affiliated University.

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