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“Location Is Crucial”

MSIS Student Shares Why He Chose USF

Mark Spencer ’24 says the proximity of USF’s downtown San Francisco campus to some of the world’s most innovative companies was a major draw.

Mark Spencer

Why did you choose the MS in Information Systems (MSIS) program?

The MS in Information Systems program at USF positions me as a leader at the intersection of information systems and social justice. Additionally, location is crucial; being able to walk to the offices of Salesforce, LinkedIn, and BlackRock, among others, truly motivates me to challenge myself to achieve my goals.

What do you like most about the MSIS program?

I enjoy that the curriculum provides a thorough understanding of information systems, making it perfect for those who, like me, lack technical experience. Ultimately, this degree has given me a thorough grasp of the IT sector, equipping me with a holistic view of the technology space.

Which classes have you liked most thus far? What did you like about them?

Information Security has been my favorite class. We studied and practiced critical security skills for virtual IT infrastructures, working with real software. Without endangering university assets, these interactive labs safely replicate real-world problems such as defending or accessing a computer system.

Any words of advice for future MSIS students?

The largest cybersecurity conference, RSA, is held annually just blocks away from USF’s downtown location. I highly recommend making the most of these opportunities. At this conference, I connected with a mentor who encouraged me to show genuine interest in my passions and to network effectively. They reminded me that we are always just one connection away from our dream job. I will not only be attending again this year, but have the opportunity to volunteer and attend the entire conference for free.

I can’t express enough how well positioned for success I feel following the course work and vast opportunities extended to me during my studies at USF.