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Management, BA

McLaren Undergraduate School of Management

Are you a working professional or a junior college student interested in completing your bachelor’s degree? If so, this two-year Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM) program is designed for you.

While a traditional business degree prepares you for careers in the for-profit world, a BAM degree prepares you for the public and nonprofit sectors as well.

  • Fully remote instruction for maximum convenience and accessibility
  • Two-year program with the potential to attain a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in as little as three years.
  • Fundamental management disciplines are covered in subjects such as information systems, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, and data analytics.

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Why Pursue a BAM Degree?

Working Professional
“I realized that if I wanted to go further in my career, I needed to have my degree first. I found that this program would allow me to work and further my career.” — Jaime Zapata ’19

Junior College Graduate
“I originally went to community college but was able to transfer all my credits to USF so that I could get a bachelor's degree. When you enter the program, you become a part of a cohort—a community—that you will stay with for 2 years.” — Myriah Harris ’19

Adult Learner
“The degree took me 47 years to achieve which just proves that anybody can do it. Upon completion of the degree, I have since been promoted to management.” — Dave Hopkins ’18

Management, BA

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