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McLaren Undergraduate School of Management

Imagine finishing your bachelor’s degree in just two years of remote classes. Come to USF and gain the knowledge and leadership skills you need to succeed not just in the for-profit business world but in public and nonprofit organizations as well.

Designed for Working Professionals

If you are a working professional or a community college student interested in completing your bachelor’s degree, the two-year Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM) program is for you.

  • Fully remote instruction for maximum convenience and accessibility.
  • Two-year program with the potential to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in as little as three years total.
  • Fundamental management disciplines such as leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, and social responsibility are covered in subjects such as information systems, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, and data analytics.

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While a traditional business degree prepares you for careers in the for-profit world, a BAM degree prepares you for the public and nonprofit sectors as well."

— Michelle Millar, Associate Dean, McLaren Undergraduate School of Management

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Why Pursue a BAM Degree?

Working Professional
“I realized that if I wanted to go further in my career, I needed to have my degree first. I found that this program would allow me to work and further my career.” — Jaime Zapata ’19

Junior College Graduate
“I originally went to community college but was able to transfer all my credits to USF so that I could get a bachelor's degree. When you enter the program, you become a part of a cohort—a community—that you will stay with for 2 years.” — Myriah Harris ’19

Adult Learner
“The degree took me 47 years to achieve which just proves that anybody can do it. Upon completion of the degree, I have since been promoted to management.” — Dave Hopkins ’18

Management, BA

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