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Business Administration - Full-Time, MBA

Career Accelerator Platforms

Jumpstart Your Career

Designed to match your career goals with industry-related coursework, hands-on consulting projects, and networking opportunities, the Career Accelerator Platform is a personalized approach to creating a curriculum that prepares students academically and professionally for success in their desired career track.

Each CAP has three required courses that will best prepare students for success in the careers associated with their CAP, and by selecting a CAP, you'll participate in a consulting project with a notable Bay Area firm, applying relevant coursework directly to client-facing projects and summer internships giving you compelling experience and coursework to leverage when interviewing for job opportunities.

The skills I gained in strategy, innovation and supply chain management, coupled with strong network connections in the Bay Area, helped me move into an exciting new role in the Silicon Valley startup and autonomous vehicle space.”

Strategic Sourcing Manager, NIO (Electric Automobile Vehicle Company)