San Francisco skyline at dusk.
Business Administration - Full-Time, MBA

Program Overview

At USF, you earn an MBA where business happens. You’ll receive a career-focused education that offers intimate instruction and specialized work experience to align with your professional goals. Just as importantly, unparalleled proximity to all Bay Area industries — finance, technology, nonprofit, to name just a few — provides networking opportunities you’ll find nowhere else. You’ll be able to form connections with professionals from international organizations and corporations, participate in multiple internships and gain broad experience across industries, and benefit from face-to-face meetings with prospective employers.

Accelerate Your Career

Designed to match your career goals with industry-related coursework, hands-on consulting projects, and networking opportunities, the Career Accelerator Platform is a personalized approach to creating a curriculum that prepares students academically and professionally for success in their desired career track.

Career Accelerator Platforms

Explore Concentrations

Advanced elective courses enable you to develop in-depth experience and expertise in a particular field of study. Explore concentrations in Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, and Marketing.


Real-World Experience

USF has an ideal proximity to the biggest companies in the Bay Area. Students have unparalleled opportunities to gain hands-on experience in a new role, network with organizations across different industries, and build strong relationships with prospective employers.

Experiential Learning

Aaron Huang

Aaron Huang, MBA ‘19

Senior Financial Analyst, Blue Shield of California

The USF Full-Time MBA program especially incorporated a lot of focus towards how we can help the community and it extends beyond just getting a business degree. It's in the attitude of faculty, staff, alumni and the student clubs."

Aaron Huang, MBA ‘19

Senior Financial Analyst, Blue Shield of California

Two-Year Program In The Heart of San Francisco

  • Our location in downtown San Francisco gives you access to a strong professional network with leading organizations in the Bay Area.
  • An enriching program curriculum reflects the USF Jesuit tradition of social responsibility and conscious reflection while also providing you with a competitive advantage.
  • Personalized courses and program experience tailored to reflect your career goals and interests from the beginning prepare you for the specific markets, fields, and careers you want to pursue—starting in your first year. Career Accelerator Platforms or with an MBA Concentration.

What to Expect


Fall Semester includes core courses to cover business fundamentals, such as accounting, finance, marketing, data analysis, ethics, economics, and leadership. You'll also explore your options for choosing one of three Career Accelerator Platforms, and select the members of your Personal Advisory Board.

Spring Semester is when you choose your Career Accelerator Platform, select three elective courses within this Platform, and take two more of your core curriculum studies.

Summer Study is the ideal time to pursue a summer internship and connect with potential employers. You can also gain first-hand consulting experience through the Malloy Group for Organizational Science Consulting, conduct an independent project to strengthen your career skill set, or pursue coursework across disciplines with electives courses.


Fall Semester gives you plenty of opportunities to take electives within your Career Accelerator Platform, or perhaps re-evaluate your path and select alternative elective courses outside your Platform. You'll also determine your innovation project and select the company you'll work with throughout the semester. 

Spring Semester culminates your work in the program, as you meet with your personal advisory board, present your innovation project to your classmates, view other students' work, and reflect on your experience as a whole.