Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, International Business

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The sense of adventure in San Francisco really excites me and has reinforced my desire to do business with people from different cultures.

Carina Pederson, BSBA ‘14

The International Business Program

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the unique challenges posed by globalization, so you can plan and implement successful business strategies. You’ll learn how globalized commerce affects a company’s structure and operations, with an emphasis on the most current thinking about best practices. A broad range of courses, including related electives like politics and sociology, will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the multicultural marketplace. And as part of your studies, you’ll be mastering another language. You can even choose to focus on a particular geographic area, studying overseas so you can learn the language and business culture first hand.

Today’s business world presents a vast panorama of possibilities. The International Business Major will equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed.