The MBA/Juris Doctor program is designed to give law students an in-depth knowledge of corporate business practices and the managerial skills necessary for leading large firms and organizations.

Awarded by the USF School of Law and the USF School of Management, the MBA/JD program provides a cost and time savings of up to 24 units. Separate admission to each school is required.  Students must complete their first two years in the JD program before enrolling in the MBA program. In your MBA essay (Statement of Purpose), please address your interest in pursuing the dual degree.

Application Requirements

  • Online application
  • Resume
  • Essay
  • Interview
  • Unofficial copies of transcripts *
  • Minimum cumulative GPA above 2.40 at the end of the first year and be in good academic standing at the end of the second year in the School of Law.

* Unofficial copies of transcripts are accepted for the online application. Before enrollment in the MBA program, JD students must contact the Law School Registrar’s Office to request release of their official undergraduate transcript(s) to the School of Management Graduate Recruiting and Admissions Office.

GMAT/GRE score, TOEFL /IELTS /PTE Academic score and letters of recommendation are not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the MBA/JD dual degree program?
Students must submit a full application and be accepted to the JD program at USF School of Law. A separate application to the MBA program is required during the second year of law school.

JD Admissions MBA Admissions

What is the format?
Full-time JD students must complete the first and second years exclusively in the JD program with a minimum cumulative GPA above 2.40 at the end of their first year and be in good academic standing at the end of the second year in order to be eligible for the MBA/JD program. 

Part-time JD students who wish to enroll in the joint degree program must (1) convert to full-time status at the conclusion of the first year JD program; (2) complete six units in the summer law program immediately following the first year.

MBA/JD student must complete four full-time years in residence (student who starts in the part-time JD program must complete the remaining three years as a full-time student); the first and second year exclusively in the JD program; the third year exclusively in the Full-Time MBA program, and fourth year in both programs. Students enrolled in their exclusive year at the School of Management may not enroll or participate in credit-bearing activities at the law school.

What is the cost for the dual degree program?
The MBA/JD program provides a cost and time savings of up to 24 units. University policy requires that all dual degree students pay the tuition rate of the program they started first throughout their dual degree coursework. Therefore, MBA/JD students pay the JD tuition rate for the duration of the dual degree program.

I am currently in the JD program and have the letters of recommendation waived, but references are required in the online application. What do I do?
Please register the following email addresses as "references" in order to submit the application:

Why should I pursue the MBA/JD dual degree?
This program is designed to provide law school graduates with an in-depth perspective of corporate business practices, and the business skills necessary to successfully manage law firms, larger businesses or non-profit organizations. With a strong emphasis on teamwork, the MBA program helps students to develop an entrepreneurial approach to solve a variety of managerial problems in both startup and corporate settings.

Program Overview

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