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With our unique focus on innovation and ethics, the University of San Francisco School of Management is changing the world from here.

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The School of Management will be one of the premier teaching, research and networking institutions for managerial education – one that is regionally anchored, nationally recognized and globally connected.


The School of Management at the University of San Francisco is a catalyst for change in business, government and non-profit managerial practice. Through research and teaching that draws on the global diversity and entrepreneurial energy of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, we educate students to build more productive and compassionate organizations. We value human dignity and integrity, open and disciplined inquiry and a collaborative and enterprising spirit.

Strategic Framework – Distinctive Core Competence

The School of Management nurtures conscious leaders capable of generating innovation and making data-driven decisions. The School focuses on educating managers for the 21st century who will reflect an entrepreneurial mindset and will found and strategically lead effective organizations that create greater stakeholder value in the business, public and nonprofit sectors.

Ideologically, the School of Management cultivates in its students a sense of higher purpose in the business enterprise.

  • Conscious culture, valuing the individual and the whole
  • Conscious leadership that is principled and socially responsible leadership
  • An emphasis not just shareholder return, but on the creation of stakeholder value orientation

CARES Act tax savings on your gifts to USF

The CARES Act offers key changes to the deductibility of charitable donations. An individual can now deduct $300 from their taxable income even if they do not itemize. To learn more about the CARES Act and other ways to save taxes through your charitable financial and estate planning, contact Gift Planning.

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