China and Silicon Valley Venture Capital Confidence Index for 2011 Q3 Released by Professor Mark Cannice

by Michael McCaffrey

Mainland China and Hong Kong venture capitalists confidence continues in a downward trend in entrepreneurial China over the next 6-18 months according to the China Venture Capitalist Confidence Index third quarter report by Dr. Mark Cannice, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation with the USF School of Management.

Professor Mark Cannice

This marks the lowest quarterly reading since the report started in 2005 Q2.

In the current report, which was cited by, MarketWatch, San Jose Mercury News and other media, Dr. Cannice has found that “venture capitalists in China have grown more pessimistic as economic conditions worsened in the U.S. and Europe.”

Marketplace Morning Report Media piece on the China Venture Capitalist Confidence Index

Listing of media references for the Silicone Valley Report: