From Line Cook to Company Owner: USF Alumna Strives to Bring People Together

Alison Noell Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ‘09, shares the details of her new event and design coordinating company Kith + Kin – and how USF helped lead her to where she is now.

by School of Management Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Alison Noell, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ‘09, worked as a line cook in high school, expecting she would attend a culinary institution; yet at the same time, Noell wanted to develop her skills and knowledge in business with the hope that she would one day start her own company.

When Noell encountered the USF Hospitality Management program, she realized going to USF was an opportunity that would accommodate her culinary and business passions, ultimately “[feeding] both desires.”

Noell said that it was in her senior catering class at USF where she began learning how to challenge herself “creatively and methodically.”

We were allowed to take everything in and develop our own ideas. I found my balance between the culinary world and business.

Alison Noell '09

She praised Executive Chef Jean-Marc Fullsack as well as her advisors saying that she felt they were highly supportive and always aimed the students towards success. “[They] created an environment that harvested our growth and challenged our scope of thinking,” said Noell, explaining how the intimate size of the program allowed her to grow as an individual.

After graduation, a couple of relocations, and the expanse of knowledge she gained at USF – Noell was able to launch Kith + Kin “a boutique event coordination and design company” that produces and designs events and bespoke weddings.

Her company allows both her and her clients to express their creative side for any special occasion--as the events that are planned, are totally customized depending on the individual. “[Kith + Kin] feeds my passion,” Noell said, “I truly owe my customized business model to the USF hospitality program.”

By Lonny Wysard ‘18