USF MBA Programs

Unparalleled Access to the SF Bay Area

The USF MBA experience is built on, and enriched by, the cultural, intellectual, and technological resources of the San Francisco Bay Area — and you’ll advance your career in business with hands-on learning just steps from some of the world’s most groundbreaking companies, organizations, and institutions.

Whether it’s Google, the Federal Reserve, Salesforce,, Cisco, Lyft, or Amazon, our neighbors are a vital component of the School of Management’s downtown San Francisco classroom.

USF offers three types of MBA programs

Full-Time MBA Part-Time MBA Executive MBA
22-month program 2 - 5 year program
choose your timeline
20-month program, 3-month break between 1st & 2nd year
Monday through Thursday classes Evening classes Classes meet once a month, all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Two years of professional experience are preferred. Two years of professional experience are required. Eight years of professional experience are recommended.
GMAT/GRE required GMAT/GRE required GMAT (may be waived on a case-by-case basis)
Begin classes in August Begin classes in August or January Begin classes in August
Full-Time MBA Part-Time MBA Executive MBA

People Shape the USF Experience

With many of our 40,000+ alumni serving in key roles in local industries, you will have access to the best the Bay Area has to offer.

Faculty with industry as well as academic experience provide of-the-minute relevant curricula and personalized instruction. Meanwhile, the USF MBA programs focus on your unique career interests from day one and provide tools and teaching that set you up for career success.

MBA students from diverse backgrounds form the unique USF student community, with a great range of perspectives, experiences, and traditions that are essential components of a globally-focused business education. Work closely on team projects with participants including industry professionals, student colleagues, and expert faculty. 

Change the World from Here

The USF School of Management provides a transformative learning experience rooted in the unique USF traditions of social responsibility, a commitment to common good, collaborative discourse, and learning as a humanizing, social process rather than a competitive exercise.

Whether you’re looking for flexibility or an accelerated degree experience, the USF MBA provides the intimate classroom experiences and expansive networking opportunities that empower you to succeed.

STEM Program LogoSTEM Designated

Two MBA Dual Degrees are designated as STEM programs (science, technology, engineering, and math). Eligible international students may apply to work in the United States for additional time via the Optional Practical Training (OPT) benefit and OPT STEM extension.