Nicholas Imparato

Nicholas Imparato

Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus


Nicholas Imparato served as a professor of marketing and management at the University of San Francisco and formerly as a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University (1996-2012).

During a lengthy series of special leaves of absence from the university, he held positions as a senior executive and board member at publicly listed (NYSE, NASDAQ) and closely held companies here and in Europe. As a speaker and adviser in over 35 countries with Visa, IBM, Cadence Design Systems, and other organizations, professor Imparato worked on projects focusing on marketing, innovation, and leadership. He has been interviewed by the Financial TimesThe Wall Street JournalPrevision Journal (Japan), MoneyWorks Magazine (Dubai), National Public Radio (NPR), network television, and other media.

Professor Imparato is an author, co-author, columnist, and editor of over a hundred trade, Level A, and other academic journal articles; book chapters; and books. He has received awards for teaching, research, and professional achievement, including the University Distinguished Teacher Award and the Tops in Marketing Award, Sales & Marketing Executives International.

University Tribute


Academic Positions

  • University of San Francisco, professor, School of Management, 1970 – 2021
  • Stanford University, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, 1996 – 2012 

Executive Appointments (During University Special Leaves of Absence)

  • Chairman and Co-CEO, Primewave Solutions
  • Senior Vice President and Ford Liaison, First Nationwide Bank; Ford Motor (NYSE)
  • Chief Operating Officer and Director, Coit Services (CA) and Coit International (London)

Board of Directors

  •, Chairman; unit of Spieker Properties (NYSE)
  • Voicemail International, San Jose, CA (NASDAQ)
  • Coit Services (San Francisco) and Coit International (London)
  • National Group Telecommunications of Burlington, WDRG-TV, Burlington, N.C.

Selected University Service

  • Chair, Department of Marketing, School of Management, University of San Francisco
  • Chair, Masters in Marketing Award Program, University of San Francisco
  • University Core Curriculum/WASC Advisory Committee
  • Chair, Faculty Governance Council, School of Management, University of San Francisco
  • Faculty Coordinator, USF/MIP (Paris) Executive Education Program
  • Panel Member, Societal Issues for Business Education, University of San Francisco and McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good, Mill Valley, CA
  • Conference Chairman, “Public Policy and the Internet,” Hoover Institution, Stanford University
  • Conference Co-chairman, “Intellectual Capital,” Hoover Institution, Stanford University
  • Member (Faculty Appointment), Development Committee of the Board of Trustees, University of San Francisco
  • Co-chair, USF Accreditation Committee on University Planning (WASC)
  • Member, University Committee on Honorary Degrees, University of San Francisco
  • Member, University Telecommunications Committee, University of San Francisco
  • Chair, McLaren Lecture Series in Business and Society, University of San Francisco

Prior Experience

Selected Non-Executive International Experience

Projects, keynotes and presentations in 35 countries, including:

  • Visa International, advisor and speaker (EU, Central Europe, Middle East, Africa; Dubai)
  • International Business Machines, advisor and speaker (Switzerland)
  • Resources Group, Global Investment Fund, advisor (Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Argentina, Mexico, Bulgaria, Lebanon)
  • Permanent Representative of Tanzania to the United Nations, advisor and project director (NYC and Tanzania)
  • Cadence Design Systems, speaker and project leader (Japan, Italy and UK)
  • Pyramid Technology, business development advisor (China)
  • University of San Francisco, Executive Education and speaker (Dominican Republic, South Korea) 

Visiting Professor and Adjunct

  • Hult International Business School, International Marketing, Global Management, Adjunct and Visiting Professor, 2010 – 2018
  • Levin Institute, State University of New York (SUNY, Manhattan), Research Fellow, 2014
  • Boston College, Department of Computer Sciences, Visiting Associate Professor
  • University of California, Berkeley; Department of Psychology, Visiting Assistant Professor
  • Graduate Theological Union, Center for Social Policy and Ethics, Berkeley, CA, Visiting Scholar
  • Stanford University, Institute of Communication Research, Visiting Scholar

Awards & Distinctions

Selected Teaching Awards and Recognition 

  • John Miller Award for Mission Support and Advocacy, 2018
  • Gold Circle (Teaching), USF MBA Student Association
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, School of Management and Professional Studies, University of San Francisco
  • University Distinguished Teacher, University of San Francisco
  • Teaching Excellence Award, People’s Republic of China and University of San Francisco Executive Education program
  • Earlier recognition as the “most consistent” teacher on the University’s Top Ten List across all university departments and undergraduate programs in University wide surveys 

Selected Honors


  • Imparato, N., Editor, Public Policy and the Internet: Privacy, Taxes and Contract, Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, May, 2000.
  • Imparato, N., Editor, Capital: for Our Time: The Legal, Management and Economic Challenges of Intellectual Capital, Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, 1999.
  • Imparato, N. and Harari, O. Jumping the Curve: Innovation and Strategic Choice in an Age of Transition, Wiley (Jossey Bass), San Francisco, 1994.

Selected Publications


  • Manuscript Reviewer, Harvard Business School Press, California Management Review among other journals, marketing conferences (for example, Southwest Marketing Association), 2000 – present
  • Contributing Editor, Security Technology and Design, New York, 2003 – 2007
  • Contributing Editor and columnist, Intelligent Enterprise, New York, 1998 – 2003
  • Member, Board of Editorial Advisors, Business Encyclopedia (Marketing), Knowledge Exchange/ Warner Books, 1995 – 1998

Recent Research

  • Blozis, S., Villarreal R., Thota, S., and Imparato, N. Using a two-part mixed-effects model for understanding daily, individual-level media behavior. Journal of Marketing Analytics, 7, 234-250, 2019.
  • Johnson III, R. G. and Imparato, N. Marketing fast foods in communities of color in the United States. Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy, 66-78, 2019.
  • Nicholas Imparato, Anthony Patino and Velitchka Kaltcheva, “Customers’ Relational Models as Determinants of Customer Engagement Value,”  World Business and Social Research Conference, Paris, France, April, 2014.
  • Lydie Pierre-Louis and Nicholas Imparato, “Restructuring Istanbul: Historical City, Modern “Profitpolis” and Byzantine Risk Managemtn Financial Infrastructure. Bahcesehir University Law Review, 8, 163-178, 2014.
  • Velitchka Kaltcheva, Anthony Patino, Michael V.  Laric, Dennis A. Pitta and  Nicholas Imparato. Customers’ Relational Models as Determinants of Customer Engagement Value, Journal of Product and Brand Management, 23, 1, 55-61, 2014.
  • Nicholas Imparato, Diana Trexler and Cihan Gursoy, “Motivations and Determinants of Chinese FDI in Turkey: Context and Two Cases,” China Goes Global Conference, Harvard University, October 1-4, 2011
  • Nicholas Imparato and Lucy Corkin, “Disaggregating China in Africa,” IACMR Symposium, Shanghai, China, June, 2010.
  • Nicholas Imparato and Shalendra Sharma, “The World’s Poorest Nations and the Global Financial Crisis,” World Economics: The Journal of  Current Economic Analysis and Policy, 10, 4, 25-44 (2009)
  • Nicholas Imparato, “Artisanal Gold and Transformational Exchange: Toward a Public Private Partnership in Tanzania,” Journal of Cleaner Production, 18, 462-470 (2010).
  • Nicholas Imparato, “New Relationships among Brand, Governance and Leadership,” International Conference on Corporate Responsibility and Global Business, London Business School, July 13, 2006.

Selected Research

  • Nicholas Imparato, Joseph Costello and Lance Director Nagel, “Send Me Your Skilled, Your Trained, Your Electrical Engineering,” Hoover Digest, Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, 2, 62-66 (1998).
  • Chris Wendt and Nicholas Imparato, “Pricing Models Amid Market Turbulence,” International Journal of Software Engineering, Wiley & Sons, London, V 9, Issue 5, 271-282 (1997).
  • Joseph Costello, Nicholas Imparato and Lance Director Nagle, “Ensuring Continued High-Tech Leadership with a Rational Immigration Policy,” Chapter in The Debate in the United States Over Immigration, John Duignan and L.H.Gann (Editors), Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University (1997).
  • Nicholas Imparato, “Voice Processing, Geothink and the Marketing Challenge in Telecommunications,” Chapter in Advances in Telecommunications Management, V. 4, Ruby Roy Dohlakia, Editor, JAI Press, Greenwich, Connecticut (1994).
  • Nicholas Imparato, “Time Based Product Development,” Oslo Marketing Symposium, Oslo Business School, March 15, 1993.
  • Robert Solomon and Nicholas Imparato, “Corporate Roles, Personal Virtues:  An Aristotelian Approach to Business Ethics,” Chapter in  Contemporary Issues in the Business Environment, Dean Ludwig and Karen Paul (Editors), Edwin Mellen Press, New York, New York (1992). Presented to the International Association for Business and Society, Sundance, Utah, March 1991 (Best Paper selection). 
  • Imparato, N. "The Nutrition Variable in a Science of Behavior." Invited Research Address, Western Psychological Association, Portland, Oregon, April 1972.
  • Imparato, N. "The Relationship between Porter's Need Satisfaction Questionnaire and Smith's Job Descriptive Index." Journal of Applied Psychology, 1972, 56, 297-305.
  • Imparato, N. "An Evaluation of the Neighborhood Youth Corps in the Toledo Area,” Poverty and Human Resources Abstracts, 3, 84, 1968.

Public Service and Affiliations

  • sfBIG, Board of Governors
  • Bahati Education, Board of Directors, Iringa, Tanzania
  • Business for Diplomatic Action, Board of Directors (2004); Council of Senior Advisors
  • Village Enterprise Fund (East Africa), Operations Committee
  • United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, San Francisco
  • Bay Area Economic Forum, Team Co-leader, Homeland Security Initiative
  • Pacific Council for International Policy, Los Angeles
  • Menlo School, Board of Trustees, Atherton, CA
  • Scottish Enterprise, Advisor, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Member, Research Advisory Committee, Les Editions du Centre de Psychologic Applique'e, Paris
  • Orals Commissioner, Psychology Examining Committee, Board of Medical Quality Assurance, State of California