Equipped to Lead and Succeed

Meet Sibi Ramesh '20

Social Media Specialist

The marketing major talks about how USF prepared him for his work in social media at Converse.

Why did you choose USF? 
I chose USF because I had a family friend who attended, had a great time, and then went on to work at Salesforce. One of the bigger things that attracted me to the school was its location in San Francisco and its diverse student body. 

How did your USF degree prepare you for your current position?
I think that my USF degree and the classes offered were very current compared to other schools. I was able to take classes that taught very up-to-date things in a constantly changing environment, so with that, I was able to hold my own when I got internships. 

What impact do you hope your work in this field will have? 
I want to be associated with scroll-stopping, break-the-internet-type campaigns that get people talking. My ultimate goals as a creative thinker and marketer are to first and foremost have fun and make interesting campaigns, but to also make a name for myself and eventually launch my own brand or agency. I've been really lucky to work on some interesting things at Converse so I hope to continue this trajectory.