No Room For Doubt

Five Questions With Jared T. Ross, YouTuber, and Alumni Board Member

by Jady Ojiri, Office of Development Communications

For Jared T. Ross ’22, the biggest goals are always within reach. As a self-proclaimed “Jack of all trades. Master of some,” Ross builds on his USF legacy as an active USF community member and Entrepreneurship and Innovation major. As a result of philanthropy directed towards the university, Ross was able to travel to Brazil and the Dominican Republic through the Arrupe Immersion program. Equipped with experiences like these, Ross is confident that his work will be one of the defining impacts that creates global change from here.

What does “Changing the World from Here” mean to you?

It can be a daunting task to think about for many people. “Changing the World from Here” means impacting microcosms of the entire world so that you’ll be empowered and ready to expand your influence when the opportunity comes. We discover how to change smaller worlds, one at a time, in order to one day change the whole world. It starts with the worlds that exist within each of us, the university, the city of San Francisco, and beyond. 

Who is someone you know within the USF community who is “Changing the World from Here”? 

Professor Susan Stryker, a School of Management professor, has collaborated with me in our efforts to “Change the World from Here” in the USF community. She’s passionate and persistent with her desire to initiate positive, student-driven changes on campus. Her dissatisfaction with the status quo and drive to exchange creative ideas for the school’s future has inspired me to be more relentless in my pursuit of improvements at USF.

What inspired you to pursue your major? 

I don’t have any aspirations. I have plans & decisions. They’re more concrete than “aspirations.” In 9th grade, I decided I would become a billionaire entrepreneur philanthropist, so it made sense to major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. However, it’s the college experience, personal development, and networking at USF that will contribute to my future endeavors the most. 

What are some of the programs that you’re involved with? 

Coming into USF, I made a commitment to develop a strong presence at the university and be a student who truly cares about “planting trees whose shade I won’t enjoy.” I joined the Muscat Scholars Program because it seemed like an excellent opportunity to equip me for college and establish a “home base” at the university. As a future philanthropist, it’s vital that I gain a thorough understanding of other cultures and problems so that I can be better positioned to create long-lasting solutions. The Arrupe Immersion programs offered the education and experience I was looking for. I saw Magis as a chance to enhance my leadership skills and to cement myself in another powerful USF community. 

Through Magis, I became a representative for the Alumni Board of Directors. I received a phone call from an Alumni Association member offering me a position on the board. Although I thought I was in way over my head, I said yes to the invitation. One of my core values is having faith in myself and this was a perfect opportunity to put it into practice. Somehow, everything came full circle. I was actually recommended to the board after an administrator heard me speak at a Magis event about embracing imposter syndrome. It was incredible to see how my experience within the Magis team manifested into new opportunities so quickly. 

What makes you proud to be a USF Don? 

I am proud to be a Don because of the intensely passionate community. The people with infectious energy and ideas who do far more than what’s required of them make USF such an enjoyable place to be. I’m inspired by those who pursue their passions against all odds and are willing to make mistakes for the sake of improving lives and living out dreams. These are the people who make me proud to be a Don.

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