Campus Life

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Monika Hudson

by School of Management Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Monika Hudson, assistant professor of entrepreneurship and organizational behavior at the USF School of Management, is a woman of many hobbies-- and when she’s not busy paving the academic pathways for the journeys of her students, she’s embarking on journeys of her own, all over the world.

  1.  Hudson has traveled all over the globe! “I love so many places in the world,” she said, listing numerous cities she enjoys traveling to all over Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. “I travel because I learn, refresh and have fun when doing so,” she said. “I get to meet new people, see new places, better understand history (particularly of what has happened in both the New World and Old World) and figure out interesting places to either live once I retire or visit again.” Hudson hopes that one day her travels will lead her to “Montenegro, Saigon, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Seoul, Paris, Calais, and Brussels.”
  2. Hudson loves to dance Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. “I dance to live,” Hudson said, explaining how dance is an important and prevalent activity in her culture. Hudson said not only does she think dancing fun, but “it’s in [my] blood.”
  3. Hudson doesn’t watch TV regularly, but when she does turn on the telly-- it’s to watch a British series! When it comes to her show preferences, she said “I want it to be something of relevance,” explaining how she has watched shows such as Prime Suspect, Morse, and Sherlock. “I find the BBC programs to be relevant to my life and loves.”