Xiaohua Yang

Xiaohua Yang



Professor Xiaohua Yang teaches international business and is the founding director of the Center for Business Studies and Innovation in Asia-Pacific in the School of Management at the USF. She specializes in the internationalization of Chinese firms, MNE corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, international R&D strategic alliances, and foreign market entry strategies. She has taught and lectured in the USA, Australia, China, Taiwan, and Europe, and is a recipient of multiple Best Paper Awards from prestigious international conferences, the outstanding research award and the outstanding service award from the USF School of Management, and the China Natural Science Foundation grant. Widely published in international journals, she has served as the senior editor of the Journal of Asia Business Studies, the guest editor of several international journals including Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Business Ethics Quarterly, Multinational Business Review, and Thunderbird International Business Review, among others.

Professor Yang’s work on the globalization of Chinese business has resulted in interviews by CBS, San Francisco Business Times, Daily Economic News, Wenzhou Daily, Sing Tao Daily, Chinese Biz News, and Armenia National TV. She is frequently invited to speak at international conferences, forums, and symposia. Professor Yang earned a PhD in international business/strategic management from the University of Kansas, an MBA from Iowa State University, and a BA from Shanghai University of International Studies.


  • Ph.D., International Business/Strategic Management, School of Business, University of Kansas
  • M.S., College of Business Administration, Iowa State University
  • B.A., Shanghai University of International Studies

Prior Experience

  • University of San Francisco, School of Management, USA Professor of International Business, 2014 – present
  • Associate Professor of International Business, 2009 – 2014
  • Director, China Business Studies Initiative, 2013 – present
  • Queensland University of Technology, School of Management, Australia
  • Senior Lecturer (International Business), 2004 – 2009
  • National Sun Yat-Sen University, School of Management, Taiwan Visiting Associate Professor, 2006

Awards & Distinctions

  • Recipient, Outstanding Research Award (as a full professor), University of San Francisco School of Management, 2016

  • Recipient, Outstanding Research Award, University of San Francisco School of Management, 2013

  • Recipient, Outstanding Service Award, University of San Francisco School of Management, 2010

  • Recipient, Outstanding Contribution Award, International Association for Chinese Management Research, 2010 Best Paper Awards

  • Finalist, 2017 Best Paper Award at the 10th China Goes Global Conference for “Relational Competence vs. Local Isomorphism: Strategic Choice of EMNEs in Advanced Economies” Recipient of 2017 (co-authored with Wang, L. & Zhang, H.)

  • Recipient of 2015 Emerald LiteratiNetwork Outstanding Paper in International Journal of Emerging Markets and the best paper conference award at the 8th China GoesGlobal Conference for “A Review of Institutional Influences on the Rise of Made-in-China Multinationals” (Co-authored with Stoltenberg, C.D.)

  • Recipient of 2012 Best Paper Award at the 6th Harvard conference on China Goes Global, October 8-10, 2012, Cambridge, MA, USA for “Revisit the Institutional Influences on the rise of Made-in-China Multinationals” (co-author with Stoltenberg, C.D.)

  • Finalist, 2006 Best Paper Award at the International Association for Chinese Management Research 2nd Annual Conference, Nanjing, PRC June 15-18 for “Antecedents of International Expansion in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises.”

  • Recipient of 2002 Distinguished Paper Award at the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business Annual Conference, February 27 - March 1, in Chicago, Illinois, for “Impact of China’s Revised FDI Laws and WTO Entry on FDI in China: Implications for Chinese Policy Makers” (co-authored with Wang, G. and Moore, G.)

Selected Publications

  • Doh, J., Husted, B.W. and Yang, X. 2016. Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Developing Country Multinationals, Business Ethics Quarterly, 26 (3), 301-315.
  • Peng, Z, Qin, C., Chen, R. Cannice, M. and Yang, X. Toward a Framework of Reverse Knowledge Transfer by Emerging Economy Multinationals: Evidence from Chinese MNEs in the U.S, forthcoming in Thunderbird International Business Review.
  • Sawang, S., Zhou, Y. and Yang, X. 2016. Does Institutional Context matter in Building Innovation Capability? Forthcoming in Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development.
  • Zhou, Y. Sawang, S. and Yang, X. 2016. Understanding the regional innovation capacity in China after economic reforms, forthcoming, International Journal of Innovation Management, 20 (6).
  • Zolin, R., Chang, A., Yang, X., and Ho, E. 2015. What explains the growth of immigrant entrepreneur businesses? Social capital or ethnic enclave, forthcoming in
    Thunderbird International Business Review, 58 (5), 453-463.
  • Jiang, Y., Peng, M., Yang, X, and Mutlu, C. 2015. Modes and survival of private participation projects in emerging economies, Journal of World Business, 50 (2): 294-301.
  • Yang, Y., Yang, X. Chen, R., and Allen, J.P.2014. What drives emerging economy outbound FDI decisions to obtain strategic assets? Asian Business and Management, 13 (5): 379-410.
  • Chang, A, Guo, C., Zolin, R., and Yang, X. 2014. Guanxi as Complex Adaptive System: Definition, description and underlying principles. Journal of Asia Business Studies. 8 (2): 81-103.
  • Yang, X. and Stoltenberg, C.  2014. A review of institutional influences on the rise of made-in-China multinationals, International Journal of Emerging Markets. 9 (4): 162-180. Winner of 2015 Emerald Outstanding Paper Award.
  • Chang, A, Guo, C., Yang, X., and Zolin, R. 2014. Guanxi as Complex Adaptive System: Definition, description and underlying principals, Journal of Asia Business Studies. 8 (2): 81-103.
  • Yang, Y., Yang, X., and Doyle, B. 2013. Location Strategy and Firm Value Creation in Chinese Multinationals, Multinational Business Review. 21 (3): 232-256.