Thomas Grossman

Thomas A Grossman


Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-6156 SFH Downtown Campus, Room 213


Professor Thomas Grossman is a researcher and educator who enables students and alumni to harness the power of analytics to lead their organizations. His research and teaching encompasses spreadsheet engineering, business analytics, management of spreadsheets within organizations, analysis-driven process improvement, and the use of analytical spreadsheet models.

One of Dr. Grossman's key specialties is helping students and organizations improve their managerial communication of analytic results. Professor Grossman believes you must determine which analytical insights are the most meaningful and actionable, then decide how best to relay these results to your desired audience, with the aim of nurturing and optimizing comprehension.

Prior to arriving at USF, Professor Grossman taught at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. He spent the first five years of his career at an analytics consulting firm working on data-intensive optimization systems in the United States and Scandinavia. His experience includes writing research and production software in multiple programming languages on multiple platforms.

Dr. Grossman holds a U.S. patent in revenue management analytics. He is a dedicated public-safety volunteer, including service as CEO and operations leader of a 50-person volunteer search and rescue unit.

PhD, Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University, 1994
MS, Engineering-Economic Systems, Stanford University, 1985
BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana, 1984
CEO, Director, Operations Leader, and SAR Technician, The Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, ongoing.
Advisory Board, INFORMS Summer Workshop on Teaching Mgmt. Science, 2004 - present
President and co-founder, Spreadsheet Productivity Research Interest Group, 2001 - 2011
Visiting Associate Professor, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College
Associate Professor, Haskayne School of Business at University of Calgary
Analytics Consultant, Decision Focus, Inc.
Spreadsheet engineering, spreadsheet analytics, business analytics, and spreadsheet information systems
Selected Publications

The Art and Science of Practice:  Increasing Productivity and Minimizing Errors in Operations Research Spreadsheet Models” Interfaces, May 2017

"A Student-Centered Approach to the Business School Management Science Course” INFORMS Transactions on Education, January 2016

"Optimization Modeling for Logistics: Options and Implementations," Journal of Business Logistics, Vol. 33 (2), 2012 (with M. Bartolacci, L.J. LeBlanc, and Y. Kayikci)

"Spreadsheets Grow Up: Three Spreadsheet Engineering Methodologies for Large Financial Planning Models," European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group 11th Annual Symposium, Greenwich, The United Kingdom, July 2010, (with Ö. Özlük)

"Resources for Spreadsheet Analysts,"Analytics, May-June 2010

"A Spreadsheet Scenario Analysis Technique That Integrates with Optimization and Simulation," INFORMS Transactions on Education, 2009, 10(1), pp. 18-33. (with Ö. Özlük)

"OR Process Skills Transform an Out of Control Call Center into a Strategic Asset," Interfaces, July-August 2009 (with V. Mehrotra)

Awards & Distinctions

United States Patent 7,133,848, "Dynamic Pricing System," 2006

Hurricane Award, Spreadsheet Productivity Research Interest Group, 2011

Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit Distinguished Achievement Award, 2010