USF Professor Sonja Martin Poole

Sonja Martin Poole

Associate Professor

Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-4454 Malloy Hall, Room 309


Sonja Martin Poole is an internationally recognized lecturer and researcher on transformative and multicultural marketing strategy and marketing education. With particular emphases on creating and communicating value for nonprofit and public sector organizations and the social impact of marketing, Poole explores topics in the domains of marketing ethics, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, diversity, education, public policy, and social welfare.

As an associate professor of marketing at USF, Professor Poole shares her expertise in behavioral economics in achieving specific social goals. With the ever-increasing congestion and competition in the arena of online marketing and advertising, Poole helps her students explore innovative ways to interact with, add value, and offer rewards to target audiences, giving students an informed head start as pro-social consumer-focused digital marketers.

Poole lectures internationally on developing marketing strategy for diverse audiences and offers public commentary on issues related to marketing and society. She is a New Orleans native and maintains an active consulting practice in Oakland, California.

Post-doc, Business, Marketing Emphasis, Tulane University, Freeman School of Business, New Orleans
PhD, Education Policy, Organization, Measurement and Evaluation, University of California at Berkeley
MA, Economics, California State University, East Bay, College of Business and Economics
MA, Education, University of California at Berkeley
BA, Economics, University of California at Berkeley
Selected Publications

Poole, S.M. (2017) Developing relationships with school customers: the role of market orientation. International Journal of Education Management.

Poole, S.M. & Campos, N.M., (2017) Marketing knowledge transfer to primary nonprofit education organizations. International Journal of Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Marketing.

Poole, S.M., Levin, M., Elam, K. (2017) Getting out of the rankings game. A better way to evaluate higher education institutions for best-fit. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education.

Kemp, E. & Poole, S.M. (2017) What’s Love Got to Do with It? Investigating Consumer Commitment in Health Care. Health Marketing Quarterly.

Poole, S.M. & Walker, J.J., (2016) Are future business professionals ready for multicultural marketing? An empirical investigation. Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy.

Serviere-Munoz, L., Miller, R. & Poole, S.M. (2016) Who are you going after? A practical typology to generate engagement in professional student organizations. Marketing Education Review.

Kemp, E.A. & Poole, S.M. (2016) Arts Audiences: Establishing a Gateway to Audience Development and Engagement. Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society.

Serviere-Munoz, L., Miller, R. & Poole, S.M. (2016) Professional student organizations and experiential learning activities.  What drives student intentions to participate? Journal of Education for Business.

Poole, S.M., Kemp, E., Patterson, L. & Williams, K. (2014) Get your head in the game: Using gamification in business education to connect with Generation Y. Journal of Excellence in Business Education.

Bock, D., Poole, S.M. & Joseph, M. (2014) Does branding impact student recruitment: A critical evaluation. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education.

Poole, S.M. (2011) The Relationship between External Accountability and Internal Accountability: A Cross-state Analysis of Charter and Traditional Public Schools. Journal of School Choice.

Awards & Distinctions

Dean's Circle Teaching Fellow Award, USF School of Management, 2010

Tulane University Postdoctoral Fellowship in Business, 2008 - 2009

National Science Foundation, Howard University Evaluation Institute Fellow, 2004 - 2005

National Science Foundation, WMU Institute on Evaluation Fellow, 1999 - 2000