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Ryan Langan

Associate Professor

Full-Time Faculty
Malloy Hall, Room 223


Assistant Professor Ryan Langan’s research area lies in branding and corporate social responsibility with a focus on understanding how consumers perceive and respond to firms who engage in corporate philanthropy.  His current projects explore the potential for corporate giving to elicit feelings of gratitude on the part of consumers. Langan’s research has been published in the Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Business Research and the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy.  He is also co-editor and author of the “Handbook of Research on Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Langan is interested in research that focuses on the challenges of effective branding, the continual evolution of corporate philanthropy and the timeless relevance of corporate social responsibility. Prior to completing his PhD in Marketing at the University of South Florida, Langan worked in sports marketing for the La Crosse Bobcats and the Portland Trailblazers. He has also taught courses in sport marketing, international marketing, principles of marketing, marketing research, digital marketing & e-commerce, marketing strategy and IMC. Langan is a member of the American Marketing Association and the Academy of Marketing Science. Langan’s diverse interests and proven skills will serve USF and the SOM well.


  • PhD, Marketing, University of South Florida
  • MBA, Marketing, University of Portland
  • BS, Sports Management, University of Wisconsin at La Crosse

Selected Publications

  • Langan, Ryan, Cowley, Scott, and Nguyen, Carlin (2019). "The State of Digital Marketing in Academia: An Examination of Marketing Curriculum’s Response to Digital Disruption", Journal of Marketing Education

  •  Langan, Ryan and Kumar, Anand (2019). "Time Versus Money: The Role of Perceived Effort in Consumers' Evaluation of Corporate Giving," Journal of Business Research.

  • Besharat, Ali and Langan, Ryan (2014). “Co-branding: Current Findings and Future Priorities," Journal of Brand Management, Vol 21, No 2: 112-132.

  • Hill, Ron and Langan, Ryan (2014). Handbook of Research on Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility: Edward Elgar Publishing. (Co-Editor and Author of Chapter One.)

  • Besharat, Ali, Langan, Ryan, Ladik, Daniel and Carrillat, Francois (2015). “Marketing and Ethics”, Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy.

  • Besharat, Ali, Langan, Ryan and Nguyen, Carlin (2016). “Fashionably Late: Strategies for Competing Against a Pioneer Advantage”, Journal of Business Research.

  • Langan, Ryan, Besharat, Ali and Varki, Sajeev (2016). “The Effect of Review Valence and Variance on Product Evaluations: An Examination of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Cues”, International Journal of Research in Marketing.