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Nicole Jackson

Adjunct Professor


Professor Jackson is a management educator and thought leader on the effects of digital transformation, innovation, and change on individuals, organizations and societies. Prior to academia, she worked as a business process improvement and change management consultant for Accenture, as well as a product and HR training manager for a small start-up, industry2industry, in Silicon Valley. She studied and observed the effects on the need to build for "dynamic capabilities" in firm behavior as well as the increasing need to build agile organizations that can renew and reinvent themselves in light of ever-changing markets.

Professor Jackson’s research and teaching is repeatedly recognized by academics and practitioners for its relevance and currency. She is passionate about helping students realize their potential for career management and leadership through community-engaged practices.


  • Business and HR Redesign
  • Higher Education Disruption and Evaluation
  • Digital Transformation

Research Areas

  • Organizational Change and Strategy
  • HR Alignment
  • Digital Transformation and Innovation Disruption
  • Dynamic Capabilities and Organizational Ambidexterity


  • Member of the Personnel Committee for Dossier Reviews and Evaluations, Menlo College
  • Chair of Search Committees for International Management, Sports Management and Innovation, Menlo College
  • Founder of i4XLearning, a consultancy dedicated to leadership and dynamic capabilities turnaround development for start-ups and traditional companies in the digital transformation economy


  • UC Berkeley, PhD in Policy, Organization, Measurement and Evaluation, 2012
  • Boston College, MS in Organization Studies (Human Resource Management, 2007
  • University of San Francisco, MBA in Management, 2004

Prior Experience

  • ( 2017 – 2020) Management Faculty — Position, Associate Professor of Management and Strategy, Department of Management, Menlo College
  • (2014 – 2017) Management Faculty — Position, Assistant Professor of Management, In-Residence – Department of Management, University of Connecticut
  • (2013 – 2014) Management Faculty — Position, Visiting/Term Assistant Professor, Department of Organization, Leadership, and Communication, University of San Francisco

Awards & Distinctions

  • Academy of Management, Best Reviewer Award (SAP – Division), 2019 & 2020

  • FUSE Fellowship Finalist, Oakland Mayor’s Office -- The State of California on Affordability Gap Reductions in Public Education, 2018

  • Menlo Faculty Service Award for Outstanding Contributions to the College, 2018

  • Organizational Behavior and Teaching Society Early Educator Award Nominee, 2017

  • University of Connecticut – American Association of University Professors Nominee for Outstanding Teaching and Service Awards, 2017

  • Provost’s Faculty Letter of Teaching Excellence, University of Connecticut, 2014 - 2017

Selected Publications

  • Jackson, N.C., & Dunn-Jensen, L.M. (Accepted for Publication- forthcoming). Leadership succession planning for today’s digital transformation economy: Key factors to build for competency and innovation. Business Horizons.

  • Jackson, N. 2019. Managing for competency with innovation change in higher education: Examining the pitfalls and pivots of digital transformation. Business Horizons, 62(6): 679-832.

  • Leung, O. & Jackson, N. 2019. Health care practitioners and the cannabis industry: ethical issues of legalizing and prescribing cannabis. SAGE Business Cases.

  • Jackson, N. & Halbert, A. 2019. Accelerating project-based learning in management contexts: an evaluation of ImpactEd. Management Teaching Review. Published online, document awaiting journal assignment by SAGE.

  • Jackson, N. & Leung, O. 2018. Evidence-based management for “ambidextrous” organizations. Strategy & Leadership, 46(4): 28 -36.

  • Jackson, N. 2017. Examining the role of culturally-driven schemata and modes of learning in ambidexterity development in organizations. Strategic Management Quarterly, 5(3&4): 1- 8.

  • Jackson, N., Lescent-Giles, I, & Dunn-Jensen, L. 2017. Ambidexterity in career management: Why it matters today and in hr practice. Organization Management Journal, 14(3): 147-159.