Michelle Millar

Michelle Millar

Associate Professor

Department Chair • Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-2498 Malloy Hall, Room 227


Michelle Millar studies consumer behavior in relation to sustainable practices in the lodging, meeting, and event management industries, more specifically the demand for those practices and the understanding of what sustainable practices mean to clients. Millar studies the choices travelers make when choosing environmentally friendly travel products, how sustainability may affect their decision making, and what factors are most important to them when it comes to sustainable hospitality products and services.

Millar also educates students and hospitality companies about how they can integrate more socially and environmentally conscientious practices into their business and surrounding communities, and address the important implications for industry marketing.

Co-director, Center for Research, Artistic and Scholarly Excellence (CRASE)
Department Chair, Hospitality Management
Co-chair, Undergraduate Program Committee, School of Management
Member, Faculty Governance Council, School of Management
Faculty Advisor, The Hospitality Society
University of Nevada Las Vegas, PhD in Hospitality Administration, 2009
Temple University, Masters in Tourism and Hospitality Administration, 2003
UC Davis, BA in International Relations, 1988
Sustainability in the hospitality and tourism industries
Corporate Social Responsibility
Selected Publications

The following list is a selection of recent publications and does not represent the entire body of research.

Collins, M., & Millar, M. (2019). Tourists’ perceptions of destination image, safety, and aggressive street behavior. International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration

Millar, M. (2019). Sustainable Meetings and Events. In Fenich, G. (Ed.), Meetings, Expositions, Events, and Conventions: An Introduction to the Industry (pp. 225-244). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Millar, M., & Park, S. Y. (2018). Industry Professionals' Perceptions of Sustainability in Meeting and Event Education. Journal of Teaching in Travel and Tourism, 18(2), 123-137.

Millar, M., Collins, M., & Jones, D. (2017). Exploring the relationship between destination image, aggressive street behavior, and tourist safety. Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management, 26(7), 735-751.

Collins, M., Millar, M., & Jones, D. (2017). Hotel Council of San Francisco and corporate social responsibility. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Cases, 5(3), 44-50.

Park, S. Y. & Millar, M. (2016). The U.S. traveler’s familiarity with and perceived credibility of lodging ecolabels. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 22(1), 3-12.

Berezan, O., Millar, M. & Raab, C. (2014). Sustainable hotel practices and guest satisfaction levels. International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration, 15(1), 1-18.

Awards & Distinctions

University of San Francisco, School of Management, Outstanding Service Award, 2016

W. Bradford Wiley Memorial Best Research Paper of the Year Award, 2012

Best Dissertation Award, University of Nevada, 2009

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Michelle Millar lived in Las Vegas while working on her Ph.D. in Hospitality Administration. During our conversation, we discussed sustainability and greening in the hotel industry, the relationship between academia and industry, and her recent research.ement.

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