Kevin Lo, professor in the Department of Humanistic Management and Hospitality, is a graduate of the USF joint Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Master of Arts in Asia Pacific Studies (MAPS) program. His scholarly work and teaching focus on emotional and cultural intelligence.


  • Emotional and Cultural Intelligence
  • Mindfulness and Self-Care
  • Assistant Professor in Management and International Business, University of Auckland

Research Areas

  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Management Education


  • President, Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
  • Co-Chair, University Peer Review
  • USFFA, Social Director


  • University of Hawaii, PhD in International Management, 2007
  • University of San Francisco, MBA, 2001
  • University of San Francisco, MA in Asia Pacific Studies, 2001
  • Brown University, BA in East Asian Studies and Comparative Literature, 1996

Prior Experience

  • Assistant Professor in Management and International Business, University of Auckland

Awards & Distinctions

  • University of San Francisco Distinguished Teaching Award 2020

  • University of San Francisco School of Management Outstanding Teaching Award (Tenured Faculty) 2017

  • University of San Francisco Faculty Service-Learning Award 2014

Selected Publications

  • Bennett, A. A., Lo, K. D., Pervez, A., Nelson, T. A., Mullane, K., Farrell, M., Wilson, S., Decker, M. W., & Tarr, E. K. (2021). Exploring business doctoral students’ attitudes, training, and use of classroom experiential learning activities. International Journal of Management Education, 19 (2), 100493.
  • Pervez, A.J., Brady, L., Mullane, K.B., Lo, K.D., Bennett, A.A., & Nelson, T.A. (2021). An Empirical Investigation of Mental Health, Impostor Syndrome, and Social Support in Management Doctoral Programs, Journal of Management Education, 45(1), 126-158.
  • Nelson, T.A., Lo, K.D. & Jhamb, S., (2020). The robots are coming! Are you ready? In S. Allen, K. Gower, & D. Allen (Eds.) Handbook of Teaching with Technology in Management, Leadership, and Business (pp. 224-236). Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc.
  • Edelson, S.A., Lo, K.D., Nelson, T.A., Stark, G., Stratton, M.T., Van Esch, C. (2019). From the shadow of overconfidence to the light of humility: Experiential activities gone awry. Journal of Management Education, 43(2), 200-211.