Johnathan Cromwell

Johnathan Cromwell

Assistant Professor

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Innovation drives the production of new and useful products, services, and technologies that can help solve some of society's greatest problems. However, it is important to understand that these innovations are created by and for people.

Johnathan Cromwell USF Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Johnathan Cromwell's research focuses on how people collaborate with each other as they define, solve, and change problems while working on creativity and innovation projects in organizations. This work helps advance a nascent theoretical framework called "dynamic problem solving," which aims to explain when, why, and how people can fluidly shift between different models of problem solving as they work within various constraints in organizations.

Cromwell's teaching focuses on helping students learn how to understand and apply multiple perspectives during problem solving so that they can become a bridge between organizational silos in their future careers. To this end, Cromwell teaches an exciting new course called Product Engineering, which aims to give non-technical students a better understanding of how engineers think, solve problems, and view the world around them. He also teaches a course on Creativity, Innovation, and Applied Design, in which students learn the theory and application of various models of problem solving.

DBA Management, Harvard Business School
S.B. Chemical-Biological Engineering, MIT
Selected Publications

Cromwell, J. R. & Gardner, H. K. (2020). High-stakes innovation: When collaboration in teams enhances (or undermines) innovation in professional service firms. Journal of Professions and Organization, 7(1). doi:10.1093/jpo/joz017

 "Further Unpacking Creativity with a Problem-Space Theory of Creativity and Constraint," Best Paper, Academy of Management, Organizational Behavior Division, 2018

Awards & Distinctions

Academy of Management, Best Paper for OB Division, 2018

Academy of Management, Best Reviewer for TIM Division, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

Academy of Management, Best Reviewer for OB Division, 2017, 2016