Mission and Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Our mission is to challenge you to reimagine business and management to create a more humane and just world. We demand academic excellence in the service of humankind. We broaden your understanding of today’s global marketplace.

We are located in the heart of San Francisco, one of the most intense business ecosystems in the world, which allows us to provide students with unparalleled access to high tech, biotech, finance, venture capital, and entrepreneurial leaders.

In addition to unparalleled real-world application throughout your education at the School of Management, our student-to-faculty ratio is 15:1 for a highly-engaged and individualized learning experience.

We provide experiential learning opportunities that contribute to a rigorous curriculum and prepare students for today's dynamic marketplace. Students participate in numerous national competitions, including the Russ Berrie Institute National Sales Competition, the Annual National Intercollegiate Business Ethics Competition, and the Venture Capital Investment Competition®.

We believe in the education of the whole person, and that's why service learning and community involvement are requirements for undergraduate students. From public-service internships to volunteer outreach programs, all of our students actively participate in bettering the community.

We bring together students from across the globe to learn both the academic fundamentals of contemporary entrepreneurship and innovation as well as hard-earned business experience and insights from entrepreneurs and business professionals. Our alumni represent 117 industries in 50 states, 9 US territories, and 97 countries around the world.

Discover exceptional undergraduate and graduate academic programs, faculty of the highest caliber, and a student and alumni community that is actively changing the world from here.

We are an AACSB-accredited institution, the highest standard of achievement held only by 5% of business schools worldwide. Our graduate program in public administration is accredited by NASPAA, the foremost membership organization of graduate programs in public administration, public policy, public affairs, and public & nonprofit management in the US and around the world.



The School of Management will be one of the premier teaching, research and networking platforms for managerial education, one that is regionally anchored, nationally recognized and globally connected.


The School of Management at the University of San Francisco is a catalyst for change in business, government and non-profit managerial practice. Through research and teaching that draws on the global diversity and entrepreneurial energy of our region, we educate students to build more productive and compassionate organizations. We value human dignity and integrity, open and disciplined inquiry, and a collaborative and enterprising spirit.

USF Vision & Mission

Strategic Framework-Distinctive Core Competence

The School of Management will promote a culture of conscious leadership capable of generating innovation and making data-driven decisions. The School will focus on educating managers for the 21st Century who will reflect an entrepreneurial mindset and will found and strategically lead effective organizations that create greater stakeholder value.  Portrayed below is the intersection of three distinctive core competencies: conscious leadership, an innovation mindset, and data-driven decision making.

These three distinctive areas represent core competencies of the faculty and areas of focus in the curriculum.  Philosophically, the SOM cultivates in its students a sense of higher purpose in the business enterprise; cultivates conscious culture (values the individual and the whole); conscious leadership (principled and socially responsible leadership); and finally emphasizes not just shareholder return, but reinforces the creation of stakeholder value orientation.

Strategic Levers

  • San Francisco Location
  • Multi-Sector Orientation
  • Conscious Capitalism/Social Innovation

Key Strategic Objectives

  • Build a culture of engagement and innovation with faculty, staff, and students, using a platform of theory-to-practice focused on experiential learning.
  • Rebuild business, alumni and community ties in the San Francisco region and beyond, creating a sustainable system of engagement and giving.
  • Craft a differentiation strategy to carry the school forward for the next 3-5 years, building on internal core competence in conscious leadership, innovation mindset, and data-driven decision-making.