MS in Marketing Intelligence

The MS in Marketing Intelligence (MSMI) program gathers value across a wide range of marketing disciplines. Candidates build a professional toolkit that includes marketing analytics, research methods, insights, and communication skills. Graduates gain a competitive advantage for a wide range of careers in marketing analytics, consumer insights, product and brand management, marketing strategy, and innovation.

  • 11-month full time cohort-based program
  • A balance between quantitative and qualitative methodologies, as well as acquiring knowledge and practicing application in real work settings
  • Major corporations hiring School of Management graduates include: Gap, Dolby, Oracle, Walmart eCommerce, McKesson, Tesla, Kiva, Google, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Uber, and Starbucks
  • The program culminates with an intensive, 4-month Practicum that pairs MS candidates with local Bay Area companies in designing and executing challenging, relevant research projects
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