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Attend a class or information session, visiting the USF campus at 101 Howard Street in downtown San Francisco. Please fill out the form on this page for more information.

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Core Value Driven Leadership and Ethics

Explore the connections between core values and leadership .Describe and apply a variety of frameworks and major ethical theories for ethical decision-making as well as for best practices for core value driven leadership.. Engage in reflection on their own views on ethics, leadership and public service. Explain the human dimensions of ethical leadership and ethical failures. Apply a variety of approaches as public agency managers to create and sustain a culture of ethics within their organizations, including practical ways to increase the ethical awareness in organizations. Understand normative, compliance, and ethical practice in relation to good governance, anti-corruption and the promotion of transparent and accountable administration. Available to any School of Management graduate students with program director's permission.

Public Policy Analysis and Implementation

Identify approaches to public policy analysis, policy change processes and challenges to policy implementation. Apply professional ethics, value conflicts, and code of ethics specific to policy analysts. Contrast rationales for distributional, competitive, market failure and other modes of problem analysis. Conduct cost-benefit analysis in programmatic review. Juxtapose analytical tools in policy analysis with programmatic financial and budgetary methodology. Systematically apply policy analysis at the developmental, implemented and evaluative stages of deployment at the local, regional, state or federal levels. Available to any School of Management graduate student with program director's permission.

Program Evaluation and Monitoring

Analyze a program and develop a logic model to explicate it using action theory. Apply qualitative and/ or quantitative (economic) methods in evaluation research. Design and describe a program and develop and present an evaluation proposal. Become a competent researcher and consumer of evaluation research products. Available to any School of Management graduate students with program director's permission.

Offered in San Francisco, California