Global Women's Rights Forum

Join us annually for this multicultural and interdisciplinary forum for educating members of our complex global communities. Our vision is to contribute to building networks of multicultural and non-colonial feminist solidarities within and across national borders. Our critical perspective understands the interconnectedness of gender, sexuality, race and social class structures and ideologies around the world.

The Global Women’s Rights Forum joins the celebrations and legacies of resistance centered on March 8th, International Women’s Day. The focus is global women’s rights, privileging and devoting special attention to the contexts and perspectives of women from marginalized cultures and displaced communities, outside and inside the United States.

Our Mission

Consistent with the mission of the University of San Francisco, the Forum intends to promote and create knowledge that will fashion a more just world by challenging sexist, racist, heterosexist and classist values and societal structures worldwide.

The core mission of the Forum is to foster socially responsible learning and critical thinking. We start from the premise that “women” are not homogeneous, or all the same. In fact, we live with many differences among us, not least of which are class, ethnicity, race, sexuality, and locale. Our mission is to assist in unpacking intersected systems of oppression and privilege based on these differences.

The Forum fosters informed, multicultural and international reflection and dialogue. We aim to forge a new non-colonial feminist solidarity by hearing directly from the experiences and critical analyses of local and international academics, activists and artists who have been working to end gender oppression and other systems of oppression.