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School Life

Come to the city that welcomes you. Come to the campus that wants you. Bring your whole self to the University of San Francisco.

Come share your story. Come join the community in which people from every place and every background meet, respect, and learn from each other. Come speak, listen, ask, think, study, reflect, create, debate, laugh, work, play, dream, do, belong, contribute, stretch, help, care, stumble, and grow. Come explore the city. Explore careers. Work for justice. Work with neighbors on local service projects. Work with professors on global research projects. Come find your friends, your mentors, your purpose, and your future in the heart of the city that invents tomorrow.

Create Your Future From Here

Students walk down a wide pathway through campus.


What if you wrote a poem for an engineering project? What if you taught a computer to write a poem? What if you used fishing line to harvest drinking water?


Study with experts. Network with leaders. Discover how an advanced degree can help you move up and make a difference.

Jared Bague

Jared Bague '22

Majors in kinesiology, minors in health studies & Yuchengco Philippine studies

I grew up in a predominantly white area so I wasn’t able to freely express my Filipino traditions, in fear that I would be ridiculed. I grew away from my culture and didn’t want any part of it. When I joined Kasamahan at USF I felt like myself for one of the first times in my life."

Jared Bague '22

Majors in kinesiology, minors in health studies & Yuchengco Philippine studies

Come Change the World From Here

Like the city that surrounds it, USF offers you a culture of energy, optimism, and innovation that you won’t find anywhere else. Come study in the geographic heart of San Francisco. Come explore nearly unlimited opportunities for learning, research, internships, jobs, and fun. Come change the world from here.

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