Writing for a Real World

A Multidisciplinary Anthology by USF Students

Writing for a Real World Issue 19 cover

Cover art by Nicole Dixon

Issue: Nineteen

Editor: David Holler
Published by the Department of Rhetoric and Language

Writing for a Real World (WRW), now celebrating its nineteenth publication, is dedicated to providing a public forum for the finest undergraduate academic writing at the University of San Francisco. Created in partnership between the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Rhetoric and Language, WRW publishes student writing with commentary from students and their instructors. We welcome not only essays and research papers, but also scientific, business, and technical reports.

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  • Print - We do have physical copies of the book available however, due to remote learning it may not be possible to distribute them until USF returns to in-person learning. Please contact rhetoricandlanguage@usfca.edu if you have inquiries.
  • PDF - available upon request, rhetoricandlanguage@usfca.edu

Past Issues

Free copies of past issues are now available from Gleeson Library's Digital Collections. Our anthology is also sold in the campus bookstore and used in courses that require writing.


Each winning writer will receive a copy of the journal and an individual award. Winners and honorable mention recipients will be announced during Summer 2022. The twentieth issue will be released in 2023.

Publication Committee

David Holler, Editor
David Ryan, Executive Editor
Devon Holmes
Michelle LaVigne
​​​​​​Julie Sullivan
Ana Rojas
Michael Rozendal

Please contact Professor Holler if you have any questions.