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Architecture, BA

Architecture, community design, urban design, city planning, landscape design — come study and practice design that makes a difference in underserved communities both locally and internationally.

Design Differently

Work in small studio classes with a 12:1 student to faculty ratio. Do real world projects in urban and rural regions. Courses will have a global focus valuing all geographic locations, architectural history, and heritage.

Program Overview Careers

Get Hands On

Step inside XARTS, a studio facility that embraces four architecture studios, two fine art studios, and three computer labs. Architecture classrooms make 24/7 classes and studio work possible, with drafting tables, pin up space, and dedicated computers.

student drawing a building from a photograph

USF truly invests in their students. That becomes a big advantage to me and being first-generation in my family because it helps me take that step forward confidently."

Megan Montecino Architecture ’23

Interested in Art History? Design? Fine Arts?

Explore these three programs below. You'll work in small studio classes, engage the community, and prepare for a world in which your gifts are needed more than ever.

  • Blend history and theory with practical experience. Learn visual literacy, critical thinking, and research skills that enable you to thrive in the art world.

  • Gain hands-on experience in graphic, digital media, information, and environmental design using the latest production methods and digital technologies.

  • Train in a studio with professional artists. Stretch your imagination and find your voice. Honor art-making in all its forms.

Architecture, BA


Mon-Fri, 9a.m. - 5p.m.