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English, BA

Harness the power of language. Navigate cultures through diverse written works. Learn to read, write, speak, and analyze. Use your words to improve the world. Intelligent written and verbal communication, critical analysis, cultural consciousness, reading comprehension — these are skills that stand the test of time.

Communication Skills That Last a Lifetime

Upon graduating with an English major or minor, you’ll be a mature reader, thinker, and writer. You’ll be able to engage confidently in thoughtful analyses, conduct insightful discussions, and write with acuity and self-awareness.


San Francisco Internship Opportunities

Jady Ojiri ’21 shares how an internship with the university helped her capitalize on her USF experience.

Jady Ojiri

Minor in English

An English minor is an excellent way to enhance the value of almost any majors program. The skill set you’ll acquire as an English minor includes how to write for fluid communication, how to scan a text for a quick understanding, how to deeply study a work for thorough comprehension, and how to convey an idea completely and concisely.

English in Literature Minor English in Writing Minor

I found my first writing community within the English Department. At USF, I was able to receive mentorship from some of the best writers in the country. Their guidance helped me prepare for my post-USF life of graduate school, teaching, and publishing."

Vincent Guerra English Alumnus

English, BA


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