The 16th Annual USF Human Rights Film Festival

Presented by Cine Acción at USF

April 5, 6, 7, 2018

Presentation Theater
Free and Open to the Public

Join us to celebrate our 16th anniversary! In keeping with the social justice mission of USF, the festival seeks to make the university a center for the promotion of human rights, as well as a platform to raise consciousness about abuses worldwide. This year’s films address human rights violations in locations that include the U.S., China, Syria, Spain, Italy, Israel, Palestine, Guatemala, and Congo. The issues include: political repression, genocide, disappearances, women’s rights, environmental pollution, corporations’ power and abuses, gentrification, unhealthy working conditions, occupation of territories, LGBTQ rights, racism, migrant and farm workers’ living and working conditions, indigenous rights, domestic violence, migrations, refugees, the prison system, violence towards women and children in war-torn regions, and GMOs and the safety of the food supply. One of the selected films, Last Men in Aleppo, was nominated for a 2018 Academy Award for best documentary!

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Susana Kaiser
Director, Cine Acción at USF

2018 Schedule

Thursday, April 5

Friday, April 6

Saturday, April 7

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Human Rights Film Festival

Susana Kaiser, Director, Cine Acción at USF