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Theology & Religious Studies, BA

A major or minor in Theology & Religious Studies prepares you for the demands of a rapidly changing world, and reflects the university’s justice and service-oriented mission. Religion is one of the most powerful social forces shaping the world of the 21st century. An understanding of religious traditions, a passion for social justice, and sensitivity for cultural difference can help you navigate our religiously complex world.

Innovative Faculty

Our faculty specialize in teaching and research on a variety of religious traditions and use a variety of methodologies, approaches, and intellectual fields to examine theology and religious traditions.

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Diverse Curriculum

Our courses cover gender and sexuality, race, nonviolence, grace, forgiveness, migration, climate, ethics, friendship, and human rights across all corners of the world.

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Deepen Your Understanding

Our programs explore human religious experiences in different cultures, so you can become familiar with major religious traditions, values, and symbols. You are encouraged to:

  • explore the religious dimensions of your own life
  • appreciate the role of religion in life
  • draw conclusions about human dignity and rights, freedom, and responsibility
  • develop awareness of the relationship between faith and justice

Making a Positive Impact

Taylor Jackson ’14 said her mentors emphasized the powerful impact dedicated people can have on the world, inspiring her to tackle big political and ethical issues as a senior legislative aide.

Taylor Jackson '14

Theology & Religious Studies, BA

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