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Philosophy, BA

Logic, reasoning, ethics: what's more practical than a nimble brain?

Jobs change and industries evolve, but the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills you’ll gain by studying philosophy at USF will satisfy both sides of your brain and apply to a whole range of fields. Come challenge your classmates, your professors, and yourself to question everything, to tackle complex issues, and to think — and then think again. 

What Can You Do With a Philosophy Degree?

Philosophy graduates excel in many fields including law, education, social action, and business.

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I firmly believe my philosophy degree is used every day for my role. The philosophical training I got at USF helps me to examine all angles of a problem, deconstruct it to its barest essentials, and piece it back together in a way that sells ideas to not only make the client happy but also, hopefully, make the world a better place."

Kellen Moran '22

Minor in Philosophy

A minor in Philosophy complements any major. Come learn to think clearly, creatively, and systematically.

Philosophy Minor

Meet Our Faculty

Our faculty are the new face of the field, inspiring a more diverse future of philosophers.


Philosophy in the Media

Philosophy, BA


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