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Asia Pacific Studies, MA

Crossing the vibrant worlds of the Asia Pacific.

The Master's in Asia Pacific Studies (MAPS) program helps students develop valuable cultural competency and expertise. Reflecting the diversity and innovative spirit of San Francisco, the program offers a wide range of courses in the history, literature, politics, business, and culture of the Asia Pacific.

Program Update

We appreciate your interest in the Master's in Asia Pacific Studies (MAPS) program. Beginning in fall 2024, our program will be integrated into the Master's in International Studies (MAIS) program. MAIS will offer curricular options in Asia Pacific Studies that provide an exciting, dynamic pathway for your academic and professional development.

Pursue Your Passions

The interdisciplinary curriculum offers students the flexibility and independence to pursue their passions. Separate concentrations — humanities/social sciences and business — allow students to take courses that align with their academic and professional goals.

Chart Your Course

  • Create your own path through our dynamic, interdisciplinary curriculum and choose your focus: Humanities/Social Sciences or Business.
  • Experience academic growth through mentorship of our dedicated, award-winning faculty, teaching and research assistantships, and funded conference presentations.
  • Benefit from professional development opportunities: internships at Asia Pacific organizations; career guidance from our Mentorship and Advisory Board; and job prospects at our alumni networking forum.
  • Participate in exciting events, conferences and workshops hosted by the Center for Asia Pacific Studies.

Program Overview

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Bridging the Pacific

The Master's in Asia Pacific Studies Program is an active collaborator and partner with the Center for Asia Pacific Studies. As a student in our program, you have access to the Center's diverse, exciting lineup of events, which showcase accomplished scholars and practitioners and explore relevant themes and issues in the field of Asia Pacific Studies. You also benefit from a wide range of opportunities offered by The Center, including their second-year merit fellowship program as well as internship and research fellowships.

Mentorship and Advisory Board

We offer individualized professional development and career mentorship to our current students through the dedicated service of our Mentorship and Advisory Board, comprised of successful alumni who work in various fields: business, education, government, technology, and others.

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Where Poetry and Translation Intersect

USF Master’s in Asia Pacific Studies (MAPS) welcomed poet, essayist, and visual artist Shin Yu Pai and MAPS faculty member, Chinese literature scholar and translator, and poet Andrea Lingfenfelter, to participate in the Sept. 29 online forum “Asia Pacific Expressions: The Power of Poetry and Translation.”

Shin Yu in performance

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