Two children doing learning activities

Summer Reading Program

The summer reading program, a partnership with Mo‘ MAGIC, a non-profit neighborhood-based organization, and the Heart to Heart program of the Schools of the Sacred Heart, provides a summer reading camp for K-8 students from San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood.

Over the course of five weeks, students sharpen their skills while discovering themselves as readers.

The program gives MATR candidates an opportunity to work outside of the traditional school setting — where kids may be more comfortable and likely to exhibit their real skills — while developing cultural competencies that they may not otherwise experience. Candidates are responsible for planning community building and literacy activities for their classroom, assessing students in reading, and targeting instruction to incorporate student strengths and meet student needs and interests.

It all started because the University of San Francisco said, 'We want to work with a population that really needs the support. We also want to give our teachers the opportunity to work with students who will be in public schools so they’ll have a good understanding about where the needs are and what the gaps are.'

Sheryl Davis Community Outreach Coordinator, Schools of the Sacred Heart

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