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McGrath Institute for Jesuit Catholic Education

The McGrath Institute for Jesuit Catholic Education supports Catholic education around the world and promotes an engagement with the social reality and a broad vision of a hope-filled world. Utilizing Jesuit pedagogy and Ignatian spirituality, Jesuit Education labors in the work of a liberating education. Come experience a broad vision of humanity, practice care for creation, walk with the excluded, reflect on Ignatian spirituality, and create a transformative Catholic education.

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The McGrath Institute prepares Catholic School Leaders and educators through rigorous academic programs to increase public awareness of Catholic schools’ impact on communities, conduct and disseminate research in Catholic education, strengthen Catholic School's commitment to a faith that does justice, and explore and develop innovative ways to support transformative Catholic education.

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McGrath Institute for Jesuit Catholic Education

Michael Duffy, Director
2350 Turk Blvd
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