Transformative School Leadership - Administrative Credential With MA in Catholic Educational Leadership

The Transformative School Leadership Program (Preliminary Services Credential) can be combined with our Masters of Catholic Education Leadership. This program is designed to prepare future principals, assistant principals, teacher leaders, curriculum coaches, specialists, and district administrators for the demands of contemporary school leadership.

Why join USF’s Transformative School Leadership Program?

  • Because you know being an effective school leader requires a high-touch, high-quality program
  • Because you want a program that connects you to a community of peers, expert practitioners, and faculty that share your commitment to building and sustaining schools for social justice
  • Because you’re willing to invest in a program that supports your leadership development for years
  • Because our faculty are experienced school leaders who use research and theory to provide real-life training
  • Because you know the impact leadership has on a school community

Required Courses

  • O&L 630 Educational Leadership for Social Justice (3)
  • O&L 654 School, Community and Society (3)
  • O&L 602 Advocacy and Policy (3)
  • O&L 603 Organizational Systems (3)
  • O&L 604 School Climate, Discipline and Safety (3)
  • O&L 605 Instructional Leadership & Professional Development (3)
  • O&L 606 Coaching & Observation (3)
  • O&L 607 Impact & Assessment (3)
  • O&L 608 Human Resources, Law & Finance (3)
  • O&L 649 Field Experience & Capstone (3)
  • CEL 640 History & Principles of Catholic Education (3)
  • CEL 650 Leadership and Administration in Catholic Schools (3)
  • CEL 659 Building Culturally Responsive Catholic Schools (3)

Students beginning their administrative services credential in summer 2019 will take:

  • Educational Leadership for Social Justice:
    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 12:45pm - 5:15pm; June 10 - June 29
  • Schools, Community and Society:
    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 6:00 - 10:30pm; June 10 - June 29
  • Advocacy and Policy for Educational Leaders:
    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 12:45pm - 5:15pm; July 1 - July 20


Graduates become principals, assistant principals, teacher leaders, curriculum coaches, specialists, district directors, superintendents, and more.