Teaching Reading Master's Program with Credential

The Master of Arts in Teaching Reading/Reading and Literacy Added Authorization (RLAA; formerly CA Reading Certificate) program prepares K-12 educators as reading professionals who provide expert literacy instruction in their own classrooms, work as reading tutors and literacy support providers, serve as school literacy coaches, and contribute to the larger debate on literacy policy as engaged scholars.

The signature of the USF MATR/RLAA program is reflected in our intensive practicum experiences, most notably our community-based Summer Reading program where candidates provide a five-week summer reading camp to K-8 students. Our program is fully accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

Helen Maniates, Associate Professor“Literacy is a basic human right that allows us to access the information needed to be full participants in our world. When a community is marginalized around opportunities to develop literacy, that’s a major social justice problem. Supporting students to read proficiently, critically, and with enjoyment is one of the most challenging aspects of being a classroom teacher.“ - Helen Maniates, Associate Professor

Summer Reading Program

All MATR candidates — in partnership with Mo‘ MAGIC and the Schools of the Sacred Heart — provide a five-week summer reading camp for K-8 students from San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood.

More about the summer reading program

Literacy is a human rights issue. And that fits into what the School of Education is trying to do. Every human being is entitled to develop literacy in order to participate in his or her world. When some communities are marginalized around literacy, that’s a major social justice problem.

 – Professor Helen Maniates, PhD