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Distinctive Program Features

  • Focus on engaged scholarship with a meaningful impact on local and global communities.
  • A cutting edge and intellectually rigorous curriculum grounded in critical pedagogy.
  • A strong sense of community composed of highly diverse faculty and students who offer personal and scholarly support.
  • Apprenticeship opportunities for doctoral students in becoming social justice scholars, practitioners, and advocates.
  • Optional concentration in Human Rights Education or Language and Culture.

Program Learning Outcomes

Learn what skills and training students will have acquired upon completion of this degree.


IME is a family, a group of intelligent loving human beings that feel social justice is at the core of being an educator. It is a place that is called our second home, a place that we come to when the outside world is frustrating, and we need a place of support and reflection. It is this place that thoughts are thrown around, honored, respected, and gracefully challenged.

– Anonymous IME student