International & Multicultural Education Doctoral Program

Virtual Open House on Sept. 19

Event attendees will meet with faculty, get help with application questions, and receive a $55 application fee waiver.


The Ed.D. in International and Multicultural Education (IME) is dedicated to understanding formal and informal education within diverse sociocultural, linguistic, political and economic contexts. Based on principles of equity, social justice, and human rights, the program critically addresses the realities of education within and beyond the borders of public schooling in the United States and around the world. Our program equips students with the skills needed to engage in scholarship, teaching and advocacy work that addresses many of the key issues impacting education today.

Distinctive Program Features

  • Focus on engaged scholarship with a meaningful impact on local and global communities.
  • A cutting edge and intellectually rigorous curriculum grounded in critical pedagogy.
  • A strong sense of community composed of highly diverse faculty and students who offer personal and scholarly support.
  • Apprenticeship opportunities for doctoral students in becoming social justice scholars, practitioners, and advocates.
  • Optional concentration in Racial Justice, Human Rights, or Language and Culture.

Program Learning Outcomes

Learn what skills and training students will have acquired upon completion of this degree.

More about learning outcomes

IME is a family, a group of intelligent loving human beings that feel social justice is at the core of being an educator. It is a place that is called our second home, a place that we come to when the outside world is frustrating, and we need a place of support and reflection. It is this place that thoughts are thrown around, honored, respected, and gracefully challenged.

– Anonymous IME student