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International & Multicultural Education, EdD

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Our students, future educators, leaders and counselors, are dedicated to service and research that directly impacts our communities.

I appreciated the variety of electives to choose from so that I could tailor the program to fit my areas of interest. Each and every one of my professors was very supportive and I truly appreciate their guidance and mentorship."
Jennifer Ward '21

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  • The Role of Community Building in Second Language Acquisition in the Mainstream Classroom
  • Narratives of Disability and Displacement: Oral Histories of the Lived Experiences of Disabled Refugees
  • Replanting a Wild Seed: Black Women School Leaders Subverting Ideological Lynching
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I had the opportunity to go to the Ecuadorian Amazon with IME students and professors for a Minga. We worked alongside teachers from the Achuar nationality, co-developing a trilingual (English, Spanish, Achuar) curriculum for their schools. We slept in tents in their community, shared their food, drank chicha, and bathed in the river. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!"
— Allison Briceo '13