Architecture and Community Design

Combining architecture, urban design, city planning, and landscape design in the framework of political, social, cultural, and environmental issues.

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Undergraduate Programs

The contemporary metropolis and its relationship to peri-urban and rural settings are complex. Our department creates an environment where students engage with and learn from the city and surroundings through innovative architectural design and real world projects that make a significant difference in the lives of underserved communities. Architecture, urban design, city planning, and landscape design—our department delivers an interdisciplinary education inspired by design that does some good.


The BA is a pre-professional degree program that has been carefully crafted to satisfy the entrance requirements for professional architecture and urban design graduate degree programs at the nation's top universities. The curriculum combines an introduction to the disciplines of architecture, urban design, city planning, and landscape design with a strong emphasis on the social sciences and humanities. In the classroom, around San Francisco, and on international immersion trips, we train students to become impassioned readers, interpreters, actors, and designers of their cities, institutions, and communities.


The Minor is designed to provide the non-architecture Major with an appreciation of design, architectural history, urban planning and design, community outreach as it relates to architectural and landscape design projects in underserved communities, and elective technical skills in CAD.


The Department of Art + Architecture’s studio facilities, XARTS, hosts four architecture studios, two fine art studios, and two computer labs. Our architecture classrooms provide a 24/7 environment for classes and studio work, with drafting tables, pin up space, and dedicated computers, scanners and printers.

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