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Architecture Classes to Redefine Your Craft

For architecture student Carlos Alek Iriarte III ’25, the best classes push the boundaries of his craft. Here are his top picks:

Carlos Alek Iriarte

Architecture Studio V

Professor Peek pushed my boundaries in believing that a museum project was possible to complete even though the large scale was intimidating at first glance. The tools we used were entirely different to anything I had done both in internships and in previous studios. I truly felt my final project was personal to me and that every aspect of the building was well thought out and executed to perfection.

Introduction to Architectural Theory and the Written Word

This course expanded my thoughts on the practice of architecture in exposing me to the written side of the profession which I was unaware of. In exploring theorists like Christopher Alexander, I took it upon myself to go further and do a study of dialectics which tied into my later thesis with a modern theorist, Kenneth Frampton. Professor Hajo is very knowledgeable and up to date in what is going on in the world and where architects can make an impact.

Honors Thesis

By far my favorite semester in which I was given the freedom to explore the reason I study architecture, avoiding displacement and gentrification. In my thesis, led by my advisor Professor Hajo, I explored the hidden aspects of the profession of architecture that considered the dialectical relationship of theorists Christopher Alexander and Kenneth Frampton. In this I researched and critically examined building typologies such as prisons, hospitals, and schools along with the political ties in promoting the modern aesthetic in the built world. This thesis has been an ongoing conversation I keep open during my job interviews as I feel it truly expresses my personal interests in this field.

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