Intelligent written and verbal communication, critical analysis, cultural consciousness, reading comprehension – these are skills that last a lifetime. Around here, they’re only the beginning.

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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of English at the University of San Francisco offers both major and minor programs with a literature or writing concentration. Central to these programs is the belief that the close study of literature offers great pleasure, intellectual challenge and versatile training for a variety of careers.

Our professors help students develop a greater understanding of the power of language and thought, the rich diversity of literary traditions and the cultural contexts of literary production. Students will mature as readers, thinkers and writers, be able to engage in analysis and discussion and write with acuity and critical self-awareness.

English Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, celebrates high achievement in language, literature, and writing. The USF chapter organizes book swaps, open mics, fundraisers for the San Francisco community, and readings by writers from all over the Bay Area. Members are eligible for a variety of Sigma Tau Delta scholarships, have an opportunity to submit papers for publication, and may apply for co-sponsored internships. Wondering how to qualify? Contact english.dept@usfca.edu to learn more.

"I was honored to be named a CantoMundo Fellow, a fellowship for Latino/a poets held at the University of Texas, at Austin. I couldn’t have accomplished any of that without the constant support and devotion of the faculty. I think a lot of people find their calling but don’t pursue it. They’re afraid to become themselves. I was. Professors at USF ensured I listened to my calling."

Luis Martinez, Alumni - CantoMundo 2014 Fellow

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