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Thoughtful communicators are always in demand.

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Together we’ll explore all aspects of communication: from the public practices of politics, business, and protest to the everyday interactions of family, friends, and strangers. Our classes empower students to develop the cultural awareness and critical thinking skills needed to analyze, critique, and produce a wide range of discourse. We educate students about the social and cultural impact of communication, preparing them to work for a more humane and just world.


Communication studies students can expect engaging and challenging courses that develop a range of skills important for navigating the complex and diverse world in which we live. Our students study the theories, methods, and histories of communication, and practice applying these concepts to real-world practical contexts. Through our classes, students learn to question, research, analyze, debate, collaborate, create, and present their work to public audiences. Students who earn a degree in communication studies are prepared to pursue careers in a wide variety of fields, become active citizens, act ethically in their communities, and create fulfilling personal lives.

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Our highly successful internship program is an optional part of the communication studies major. We strongly recommend students do at least one internship for course credit and/or pay, which provides valuable career development and networking. Our alumni have gone on to successfully find work in a wide variety of industries, including: public relations, human resources, advertising, social media/communications, event planning, education/teaching, nonprofits, and technology. We have also had students start their own businesses and others go on to graduate school in communication, law, public health, strategic communications, and education.


Communication Studies requires completion of 5 courses (20 credits) that are subdivided into three areas: Foundations, methods, and advanced area studies. See our catalog for requirements.

Public Relations requires 5 courses (20 credits); one communication studies foundation course and four courses in public relations. See our catalog for requirements.

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