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Industries and interests ebb and flow. But thoughtful communicators are always in demand. We should talk.

Together we’ll examine the foundations of communication and the challenging relationships between language, culture, and rhetoric. Our department provides students with methodological tools, critical acumen, and communicative skills to analyze and engage in a wide range of discourse: from the public practices of politics and protest to the everyday interactions of family, friends, and strangers. We’re educating students about the social and cultural impact of discourse and preparing them to work for a more humane and just world.


The Communication major combines social scientific and critical study of communication and media with courses that develop foundational communication knowledge and skills in areas such as public relations and organizational settings like those found in business, government, education, and non-profit sectors.

Students can tailor portions of the major to meet their special needs. Some students may focus upon interpersonal or organizational communication while others emphasize journalism or public relations.

See our catalog for requirements

Transfer Students to Sacramento Campus

USF offers a unique and diverse degree completion program for transfer students to our Sacramento campus that prepare students for a broad spectrum of communication-related careers.

Three of the four foundations courses are taken at a Junior College and students complete the program at USF.


Our highly successful internship program helps students gain valuable real world experience that often provides an entry into their preferred job field. Graduates of our program enjoy successful careers in such areas as publishing, marketing, corporate and non-profit public relations, advertising, education, corporate training and human development, promotions, and event planning and coordination.


Communication Studies requires completion of 20 credits that are subdivided into three areas - Foundations, Methods and Advanced Area Studies. See our catalog for requirements.

Public Relations requires 5 courses (20 credits); one Communication Studies foundation course and four courses in Public Relations. See our catalog for requirements.

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