Student working in a lab
Chemistry, MS

Program Overview

The focus of USF’s 24-unit Master of Science in Chemistry program is hands-on lab research with full-time faculty. Students can start the graduate program each year beginning in the fall (late August) or spring (late January) semesters.

The program is intended for students with an undergraduate degree in chemistry or biochemistry. If a student is lacking a proper foundation for graduate work in chemistry, then some advanced undergraduate coursework may be required.

Students are required to complete 24 units of academic credit, including a substantial thesis based on original research work completed under the direction of one of our professors. The typical length of the program is two and a half years. Any courses taken must be graduate or upper-division undergraduate courses. Students typically complete six units each semester, which may be comprised entirely of research-based units.

Research Areas

Students are accepted into specific research groups and immediately join a research project supervised by their assigned research advisor, with whom they develop a program of directed scientific research. To qualify for admission to the program, you must be interested in pursuing research in one of the following areas: