Students admitted to the Master of Science in Chemistry program receive generous financial assistance from the Department of Chemistry. All admitted students receive a full-tuition scholarship for their graduate studies.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

Most graduate students are also awarded a teaching assistantship of approximately $8,000 per year. 

All applicants admitted to the program, both U.S. and international students, are considered for teaching assistantships when the admission applications are reviewed. There is no separate application for this financial assistance.

Summer Research Fellowships

Whitehead Summer Research Fellowship

The Whitehead Summer Research Fellowship program supports USF student research in chemistry, biochemistry, and biology. Awardees receive $10,000 towards a summer stipend, reagents, and conference travel. 

Ramin (Ron) Najafi Emery Pharma 

The Ramin (Ron) Najafi Emery Pharma Summer Research Fellowship supports students who demonstrate potential to excel in the areas of innovation and creativity which underlie entrepreneurship and technological progress in the chemical sciences. Awardees receive $2,000 towards a summer stipend.

Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department Summer Research Fellowships supporting students conducting research in USF chemistry department research groups. Awardees receive $2,000 towards a summer stipend.