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Undergraduate Programs

Engineering at USF has been designed with our sights set firmly on the future. We are committed to graduating a diverse population of engineers who are nimble, responsive, and capable of meeting the rapidly changing needs of the 21st century using humane, ethical, and innovative solutions. Through an educational program that uses project-based learning and community engagement, and is fully immersed in a Jesuit liberal arts education, we will set our graduates on professional trajectories at the frontiers of engineering with an eye toward social justice.

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Four Differentiators

These qualities are what make engineering at USF stand out.

USF students next to a mural they painted during an international immersion trip.


Simply put, we want to change the face of engineering. USF has one of the nation’s most ethnically diverse student bodies and is two-thirds women. This gives us a unique opportunity to revolutionize the demographics of the field. We plan to recruit, admit, and graduate a diverse student body, with programs including peer mentoring, career counseling, and scholarships to bolster that support, because we know that arriving at a problem’s best solution isn’t possible without the input of multiple and varying perspectives.

USF student working on a building project with a local child during an immersion trip to Leon, Nicaragua.

Jesuit Education

Informing every step of our approach to engineering will be USF’s inherent emphasis on Jesuit education. Teaching in the Ignatian tradition produces students, graduates, and professionals who possess a unique blend of technical prowess, intellectual curiosity, a commitment to social justice, and the ability to integrate knowledge across disciplines. Our goal is to create engineers who can think broadly and creatively while drawing on a variety of skillsets and strong ethics to solve global problems.

A team of USF students meet to discuss a project.

Project-Based Learning

We believe that students learn best by doing. Rather than beginning our future engineers’ education with book lessons to be applied in practice years down the road, we’ll begin by engaging students with real-world challenges. These projects will be drawn from community and professional partners and require teamwork and communication to solve. From their first day at USF, our engineers will have experience solving actual issues using a multidisciplinary approach, beginning as apprentices on projects as first-year students and graduating as team leaders.

USF students on a field trip during the initial construction of the Salesforce Transbay Terminal in Downtown San Francisco.

San Francisco Immersion

San Francisco is one of the most innovative cities on Earth, at the heart of the innovations in technology and environmental sustainability. Our students will have the opportunity to intentionally and thoughtfully engage with this ecosystem through internships, projects, guest lecturers, and sponsorships to provide our graduates with a clear path to a 21st-century career.