Two students in class look at a laptop

Computer Science, BS

Hard-coded with purpose

Create software that matters in the epicenter of technology. The computer science program at USF will teach you, first and foremost, to be a great software engineer — the kind that gets hired before graduation by the startup (or tech giant) down the street. Even better, you will know how to use those skills to change the world.

What makes computer science different at USF?

Our CS students learn to code with humanity in mind. They not only build amazing things, but they understand what fundamental problems need fixing, who are those most vulnerable, and how we might make things better through tech.”

Christopher Brooks, CS department chair


average first-year salary for USF CS grads

2022 USF First Destination Survey

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2022 USF First Destination Survey

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What’s it like inside a
USF computer science classroom?

No CS class is larger than 30 students, so the 1:1 time with faculty is plentiful and personal. Professors will be looking at your code every day, making sure you’ve mastered each topic and your code is readable and usable by others — no floundering alone online or in huge lecture halls. Alongside foundational courses, you can explore electives in areas you love and that our faculty are expert in, whether that’s human-computer interaction, operating systems, cloud computing, or data visualization. Rather than “write a paper on this” you’ll hear “do this internship with this company I know.”

Two students look at a laptop in class
Yordanos Solomon

Yordanos Solomon ’22

I can see why it’s discouraging for other people in my community to want to break into the field, but I hope that seeing more of us represented in this field will encourage others to give it a shot.”

Yordanos Solomon ’22

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Computer Science, BS

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